5 Reasons To Sell Before The Selling Season Picks Up

Dated: 11/13/2017

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A common thought in real estate is never list your home in the winter offseason. Perpetuated by industry experts,agents and repeat sellers alike, this saying encourages many would-be sellers to wait until the spring peak to list theirhomes. However, studies show that homes listed in the winter offseason not only sell faster than those in the spring,but sellers also net more above asking price at this time.1 Don’t wait until spring to sell. If you’ve been thinking of sellingyour home, here are five reasons to list now.

1. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LOW INVENTORY.Since most sellers are waiting until spring to list, localinventory falls during the offseason. However, thereare still motivated buyers who are ready to move nowand don’t want to wait that long to purchase a home.According to the National Association of Realtors, 55percent of all buyers purchased their home at the timethey did because “it was just the right time.”2 While you’lllikely have fewer showings in the offseason, buyers whodo visit will be more serious about writing an offer. As aresult, your home will likely sell faster than it would haveduring the peak season.

2. SET A HIGHER LISTING PRICE.Homes sold during the offseason sell at a higher price,on average, than those sold during the spring andsummer peak. There are many reasons for this. First,motivated buyers are willing to pay closer to the askingprice for a home. Second, homes are more likely to bepriced right and reflect the economics of not only thelocal market, but the neighborhood as well.

3. YOU’LL RECEIVE MORE ATTENTION.If you’d like to hire a tradesperson to handle routinemaintenance or undertake a minor home renovationbefore you list, you may be able to take advantage offlexible scheduling and cheaper rates. Many of theseprofessionals experience a winter offseason, and willbe able to focus their time and attention on you andyour project.

4. EASIER TO MAINTAIN CURB APPEAL.Curb appeal sets the stage for what interested buyers can expectwhen they step foot in the home during a showing or open house.If you list your home during the peak of the selling season, you mayexhaust your time and your energy maintaining a lush landscapethat will attract potential buyers and set your home apart from othersimilar homes in the area.The offseason eliminates the pressure to maintain a picture-perfectfront landscape. Since most grass, shrubs and plants go dormant atthis time of year, you’ll have less to maintain. If you live in an area thatexperiences a traditional winter, your landscape will be covered withsnow. Even if you live in a milder climate, you may not have to mowas often, if at all. It’s still important to ensure your exterior appearswell-tended, so make sure your walkway and front porch remainsfree of snow, ice and debris.

5. TAP INTO THE LIFE CHANGES OF BUYERS.Many buyers receive employee raises and bonuses at the end of theyear. If they’ve been saving to buy a home, this extra money may allowthem to reach their goal for a down payment and put them on thepath to becoming a homeowner. Additionally, companies often hirenew employees and relocate current ones during the first quarter ofthe year, creating a strong demand for housing. If you live in an areathat’s home to a large company or has a strong corporate presence,this may be the perfect time to list.


Get your home ready to sell by following these tips.

1. Schedule maintenance. Buyers,especially first-time buyers, want ahome they can move into right away;they don’t want to repair the roof orthe furnace or replace windowswith blown thermal seals beforethey move in. Do the scheduledmaintenance and make repairsbefore you list your home for sale.

2. Create light. Balance less naturallight outdoors by turning the lightson inside. Since people naturallytend to buy emotionally, turningon the lights helps create a sense ofwarmth and coziness. Light a fire inthe fireplace, if you have one, fill yourhome with the scents of the season,such as vanilla or fresh-baked cookies,and put a throw blanket on your sofa.

3. Give your home a thoroughcleaning. Cleaning puts your homein its best light. Clean and polish allthe horizontal surfaces of your home,including countertops, window sillsand baseboards; have the curtainsdry cleaned or otherwise laundered;wash windows, glass doors and theirtracks; vacuum carpeting and polishall wood surfaces, including the floor.

If you’re thinking of selling, give me a call! I'd love to help you position your home to sell in our market.


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